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  • Reduce cost
  • Increase Revenue
  • Deliver Better Security ​


Looking for an affordable and reliable NOC Solution?

If you are working with a team then there might be a point where you will not be able to cope up with the latest trends and demands. It can cause in –

  • Your service desk can’t match up with the defined goals
  • Unresolved tickets
  • A team member will not be able to deliver complete end to end management, tickets can get back to deal

24*7 service turned as the must have functionality in the process

Netrefine can be a part of your system

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Five Pillars of NOC Support to gain extended flexibility


  • Addressing Priority 1 incidents between 5 pm and 5 am and round-the-clock on weekends
  • Providing live phone assistance
  • Extended Support Beyond Office Hours
  • Coordinating with vendors during incident escalation
  • Resolving critical incidents between 5 pm and 5 am, plus continuous coverage over weekends
  • Smooth transition and briefing on incidents at the beginning of the business day


  • Continuous 24/7 Monitoring and Priority 1 Issue Resolution
  • Complete incident resolution and management
  • Engage vendors for escalation as necessary
  • Round-the-clock live monitoring
  • Escalate incidents selectively, prioritizing physical intervention or expenditure
  • Assessments of hardware and software for audit purposes


Ongoing Monitoring and Upkeep

  • Encompasses all WATCH features, with additions:
  • Monitoring and fixing backup issues
  • Quarterly testing to ensure successful restoration
  • Deployment of patches by NOC
  • Monthly reports on device health
  • Exclusive rates on project services


Comprehensive Administration
Incorporates all CARE components, alongside:

  • Management of users and objects
  • Initiating server restarts proactively or on request
  • Troubleshooting global policies
  • Analyzing and resolving system performance issues


Implementing Top Security Measures With a Team of Security Experts

  • Monthly compliance checks adhering to ISO27001, CIS, and NIST standards
  • Quarterly training for end-users to enhance security awareness and mitigate potential threats
  • Managing Microsoft Azure security according to best practices

We advocate for your right to choose the tools for your Managed Service Provider

That’s why our NOC team operates within your chosen toolset

For MSPs lacking or opting out of managing their RMM tool, we present Comprehensive NOC Support

  • Asset oversight
  • Remote surveillance
  • Deploying applications
  • Automated supervision and alerting
  • Remote accessibility/control
  • Issue tracking
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Managing patches

Getting your NOC services setup is easy



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training & go live


Beyond NOC

NETREFINE offers additional support to help reduce costs, grow revenue and provide better security for your clients

RMM Admin

Engaging outsourced RMM presents numerous advantages

We have 3 options of RMM support. Choose what best fits your needs today. For a fraction of the cost of a dedicated, in-house engineer, we optimize and maintain your RMM investment.

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Elevated service performance
  • Flexibility
  • Employee retention
  • Supervised upkeep and enhancements

We offer three RMM support options. Select the one that aligns best with your current requirements

RMM Configuration

New to your RMM tool? Let us pave the way for your success

  • Setting up monitoring and alerts
  • Advisable patching protocols
  • Configuring the virtualization manager
  • Integrating with PSA

RMM Health Check

Uncertain about your RMM status? Let us assess. Ensuring accurate client, contract, and location setups

  • Reviewing service plans and groups
  • Integrating PSA, encompassing service boards, ticket mapping, and statuses
  • Refining tickets to minimize unnecessary alerts
  • Customizing monitors and alert formats
  • Establishing patch management protocols
  • Assessing essential plugins like A/V, backup, and virtualization

RMM Virtual Administrator

At a fraction of the expense of an in-house engineer, we enhance and uphold your RMM investment.

  • Craft and implement a tailored RMM best practices plan
  • Comprises setup and upkeep of monitoring, scripting, reporting, patch management, and additional aspects
  • Assess and refine alerts and tickets as needed
  • On-request RMM module training for your engineers to optimize tool utilization
  • Choices for script creation, report formatting, and transfers


Are security alerts, monitoring, and resolutions affecting your customer service and your engineers’ peace of mind?

Did you know?

  • Around 81% of breaches aim at SMBs
  • Cyberattacks can cost SMBs up to $84,000 or higher for remediation
  • 95% of cybersecurity breaches result from human error

Considering that 62% of SMBs admit to lacking the expertise to handle security adequately, we’ve collaborated with top-tier experts in the field

Netrefine Shield IT Solution

Minimizes security incidents

Remediates the incidents with minimal intervention from you

Proactively reports on the health of your network

With our simple per site pricing, you’ll save your customers money and grow your margins – all while you sleep better knowing that your clients’ data is safe

SOC Standalone

  • 24×7 security monitoring ONLY
  • No remediation

SNOC Watch

  • 24×7 NOC
  • SOC monitoring
  • SOC remediation


  • 24×7 NOC
  • SOC monitoring
  • SOC remediation
  • NOC remediation
  • NOC proactive maintenance

SNOC Ignite

  • 24×7 NOC
  • SOCmonitoring
  • SOC remediation
  • NOC remediation
  • NOC proactive maintenance
  • NOC/SOC service requests (MACD-Up to 1 hr.)
  • Review of required plugins such A/V, backup and virtualization

And you can layer RMM Virtual Admin over any of these options—using either your existing RMM tool or our new NETREFINE RMM offering

Professional Services

Exclusive IT projects present an excellent opportunity to increase revenue and expand your service offerings. These projects may range from migrating to M365 to implementing MFA across your client’s network.

Our professional services team
possesses the

  • Expertise
  • Technical expertise
  • Insight into MSP business operations

to effectively convey your worth to current clients and act as an impressive introduction to potential ones.

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