Cost-effective Help Desk Response and Resolution

Is Helpdesk Support Draining Your MSP's Resources?

As an MSP, your primary focus revolves around alleviating your clients’ pain points. Among these, consistent, top-notch customer support and service remain paramount for MSP clients.

However, they often encounter challenges—lack of available personnel when needed or facing subpar response times and overall service quality. When your team is unable or hesitant to provide round-the-clock support, finding immediate solutions becomes a pressing concern.

Attempting to bridge these gaps becomes a scramble, yet securing on-demand, MSP-ready technical talent feels akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Moreover, when found, the expenses associated with retaining and nurturing such talent can significantly impact your bottom line.

Enhance Efficiency with Affordable, MSP-Trained Helpdesk Support

24*7 full time

We provide our services for 24*7 services to our clients, so they can have peaceful nights.

Resolve issues on call

Our team resolves issues on call and instantly provides you with the solution. 

Back Up

We always have backup resources for you on weekends, day off, there is no gap from our end we make sure.

Fixed Price

Netrefine offers fixed prices. There are no modifications in cost, with a fixed price you can assure that it is an accurate price.

Additional Proof Stats + Benefits

Seconds for average call answer
0 %
CSAT customer satisfaction
Net promoter score
0 %
First call resolution

The Helpdesk Serves as an Extension of Your Own Team

Helpdesk support not only relieves your staff during nights and weekends but also offers extensive added value. With over two decades of experience in the MSP realm, we handle the nuanced tasks that collectively make a significant difference.

Performance & preventative maintenance reports

Desktop-level backups

Patch management and deployment

Live customer phone support

Desktop performance management

Gray-labeled initial call answer

Windows, Mac and mobile support

Administrative tasks

Virus/malware removal

Software installations

Added Proactive Maintenance for Workstations

24×7 alert monitoring and remediation

AV management

Patch management

Backup management

Getting Your Helpdesk Support Setup is EASY


Initial kick-OFF request





Training & Go Live

Training & go-live with client


Still have Questions? We’ve got Answers

Check out our list of frequently asked questions for quick and helpful insights. If you don’t find the information you need, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always happy to provide more detailed answers and help you in any way we can.

  1. Netrefine Team is in the “westernized” part of India 
  2. All engineers go through Netrefine Certified Communication training and Technical Bootcamp 
  3. Heavy focus on communication skills during recruitment and development 
  4. All engineers are university educated, MSP trained 
  1. Netrefine is HIPAA compliant & can provide a BAA 
  2. Partners can isolate their clients from Netrefine support as-needed 
  1. Once you set your custom success parameters, KPIs, and SOPs, we manage from there
  2. Supported through bi-weekly call 
  3. We are a mature Helpdesk with over 20 years of experience that requires little hand holding
  1. We are SOC 2 Type II Compliant 
  2. Partner controls what data we can and cannot access (VDI) 
  3. Netrefine engineers undergo documented background checks 
  4. Engineers work from Azure terminals – Partner can whitelist/blacklist specific IPs 
  5. Internal SOC/SIEM deployed with all security protocols in place 

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