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Cloud Management Service Provider

Leverage all the benefits of the Cloud functionalities with the best industry experts.

Transform your business with the effective Cloud management services. With solid infrastructure and high end security redefine your business processes and streamline the different management processes. Our services automate your processings and deliver highly functional solutions that allow you to achieve your business goals.

Saves Time and security

With our Cloud management services, companies are able to save a huge amount of time and also deliver highly secure infrastructure. Cloud technology automates the processing and also offers real time processings.

Advanced Functionalities

By opting for Cloud technology, opt for the digital transformation and deploy and manage different business processes in an advanced manner. We optimize, manage, and enhance Cloud computing services that allow you to meet the industry demands.

Why should you opt for Cloud Management Services?

Strong reasons to opt for the Cloud management services as it allows you to meet the latest industry technology trends and simplify the different business processings.

Save Time

By opting for the cloud technology, you save time and resources as this technology automates the different processings and allows you to meet the latest demand requirements. Different resources can put the efforts on the other potential human required tasks.

Future Proofed Technology

By opting for Cloud platform, you can adopt the future-proof technology as it allows you to opt for the latest technology and tools that ensures you to stay ahead in the competitive edge. Cloud is considered as the future. By opting from now you are leveraging future benefits.

Robust Infrastructure

With Cloud technology, you can opt for the robust infrastructure as by integrating this advanced platform the system becomes more advanced and faster. It ensures to complete the tasks within a few minutes and also consumes less time than human resources.

Backup and Recovery

We allow you to transfer virtual data to advanced technologies including Azure and AWS that turns the process into more secure and appropriate. Empower your data with next generation Microsoft technologies and enhance the performance and add value.

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Our Cloud Management Services

Our effective Cloud Management Services that allows you to sort the last minute complex business challenges.

Cloud Deployment

Our experts deploy the solution into your business that allows you to leverage all the advanced functionalities and technologies of the tech industry. Our experts deploy it securely

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud programmers will monitor your solutions to streamline the different processes and it also helps you maintain them successfully for a longer period of time with instant solutions.

Cloud Security

We offer you highly secure solutions that ensure you to secure your data and update the technology as per the latest technologies and trends. Our experts constantly enhance the software as per the market trends.

Cloud Migration and Services

Our experts allow you to migrate the service from one to other without any issues. With our expert knowledge and their skills they allow you to leverage the advanced solution by transferring data from one to another easily.

Backup and Recovery

Backup your data easily with the latest functionalities and deliver a highly engaging experience to your users without compromising your valuable data. If in any case your data is lost due to any reason, our Cloud professionals are there to sort your complex challenges.

Data Management

Manage data in an appropriate and advanced manner. We help you manage your information in an effective way and check out on daily, weekly, and monthly processings to grow faster at the international level .

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Why should you Choose NetRefine for your Cloud Management Services?

We are known as the best Cloud management service provider, and have in depth experience and profound knowledge to meet our customer’s expectations.

On Time Delivery

We believe in delivering projects on time without any delay. Our focus is to deliver and meet the deadlines which we have committed to our customers. Our Cloud experts put their high efforts in delivering your services as required.

Cloud Experts

Netrefine offers you an opportunity to hire industry cloud experts, we have the best team of cloud management developers, who have profound experience and in-depth Cloud technical knowledge.

Highly Skilled

Our Cloud programmers are highly skilled with the development process.. They have hands- on experience with the development as well as management business management processings.

Agile Methodology

Our programmers follow agile methodology to deliver successful services and also meet the latest demands. With our effective strategies, we offer best services as well as avoid future failures.

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Our monthly plan for all our services

We put together the best and affordable plans that you may get for our high-quality services.  

Startup Pack

Initial Server Setup

24/7 Proactive Server Management

Backup & Restore Data

3rd Party Software Installation

Software & Security Updates

Basic Server Tuning & Optimization

Value Pack

Help Desk Support (30 Min Max Response Time)

Server Optimization & Hardening

Backup/Restore Data

Security Incidents Monitoring

Migration & Transfers

Value Pack

Server hardening and initial setup

Remote linux os install

Hourly server admininstration

Server security package

Data Recovery

SSL certificate installations

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