IT Vendor Management

Secured Management of Vendors

We offer you an opportunity to include best vendors or resources in your team from the market. They are speciacielaed and verified by our hiring team and it helps to save a huge amount of time and effort. With partnership you are able to leverage the best potential of the team skills by excluding several risks of hiring less skill expertise for your project.

Improve Efficiency

Our vendor management services helps you to save time of your resources and get the genuines leads of hiring that allows you to include experts in the team

Long term growth

We provide you long term growth with the employees by managing them remotely in an appropriate manner and with the right software. Our team also focus to upgrade their skills.

Benefits Of VMS

We offer you an opportunity to include the best resources and manage the team in the best way.

Better Hiring process

We have a better hiring process that offers to choose the right resources from the market.

High Performance

Our best and proficient team helps to meet with the latest market demands and trends of the industry.

Contract Management

With us sign the contract and secure your details in the best way under legal terms and policies.

Saves Time

Netrefine helps you to save time to find the best resources from the market, we also manage the vendors and take full potential as per their offered time.

Exclude Risks

With our Vendor management services, we offer you an opportunity to hire the right resource and exclude risk of hiring the less tech expert.

Better Performance

With expertise management, we offer you the right resource and manage in an appropriate manner that will help you to increase the performance of your businesses.

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Vendor Management Hiring Process

Step by step to hire the right vendor from the market as per your business needs.

Identification of the business Goals

Know your goals and plan your requirements to hire the resource.

Know the team requirement

Know the members or positions in your team which are required for the project.

Create database

Create your database of the resources that should include all the information related to vendors

Identification of the right Vendors

Shortlist the right vendors as per your requirements and their qualifications.

Evaluation of the right vendors

With the interview process and past experience choose the right vendors from the market.

Sign Contracts

After choosing the right hiring modules and selection of the right vendor, sign the contract with them with the involvement of the essential legal terms and conditions.

Why Choose us for IT Vendor Management?

Strong reasons that you should opt for IT Vendor management services


Our team is a blend of expert programmers, who have in-depth knowledge and have decades of experience and are updated with the latest technological trends. They are proficient with different IT management services.

Timely Project Delivery

We believe in delivering the project  on time or sometimes even before time. Our full focus is to be on time and avoid the delays as it helps us to build the customer relationship for the long time.

Cost effective

Netrefine  delivers cost effective solutions to our customers. Our team designs your services and provides them at an affordable cost. We manage your services in your budget that helps you to expand your businesses.

On Demand Customer Service

Highly Skilled

Our team is highly skilled and proficient with their work. They are known as the best team for IT vendor management services. Along with this, with their experience, they are well versed in their work that ensures to sort the last minute complex challenges.

Our Best RMM Tools

We use the best Remote monitoring and maintenance tools for your projects that allows us to meet your requirements

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Our Monthly Plan For All Our Services

We put together the best and affordable plans that you may get for our high-quality services.  

Startup Pack

Initial Server Setup

24/7 Proactive Server Management

Backup & Restore Data

3rd Party Software Installation

Software & Security Updates

Basic Server Tuning & Optimization

Value Pack

Help Desk Support (30 Min Max Response Time)

Server Optimization & Hardening

Backup/Restore Data

Security Incidents Monitoring

Migration & Transfers

Value Pack

Server hardening and initial setup

Remote linux os install

Hourly server admininstration

Server security package

Data Recovery

SSL certificate installations

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