Mobile Device Management

Device administration for our clients

Netrefine implements the mobile management of clients with the help of a 3rd party product so to offer the mobile services.

Mobile device management (MDM) has several deployments, configurations, supportability, and policies for the client’s gadgets like mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc.

Both software as a service (SaaS) and on-premises is authorized by the mobile device management service.

Functions of MDM

The mobile device management is an all in all service.

Remote operations

The remote operations for a device such as locking, configuring, and messaging are the attributes under the management.

Personal policies

The policies are made convenient to the clients in a corporate-friendly environment and highly customizable.

Platform specifications

MDM supports all kinds of device platforms- android and IOS, desktop, and MACios.

Settings for wifi and hotspot

Specific manual setting options to choose the method of browsing like wifi or hotspot.

Benefits of MDM

MDM operates not only to perform policies but also to rectify the safety and cost options.

Quick to set up

Both SaaS and on-premises are quick and easy to implement and doesn’t take much of manual time.


The MDM management policies are optimized now and then with advanced settings at a low cost.


The security policy of MDM is mandatory and maximum reliability. The protection of the client’s sensitive files serves the priority.

Our monthly plan for all our services

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Startup Pack

Initial Server Setup

24/7 Proactive Server Management

Backup & Restore Data

3rd Party Software Installation

Software & Security Updates

Basic Server Tuning & Optimization

Value Pack

Help Desk Support (30 Min Max Response Time)

Server Optimization & Hardening

Backup/Restore Data

Security Incidents Monitoring

Migration & Transfers

Value Pack

Server hardening and initial setup

Remote linux os install

Hourly server admininstration

Server security package

Data Recovery

SSL certificate installations

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