Microsoft Share Point

Storage utility and documentation via Sharepoint

Netrefine provides the MS Sharepoint platform for better document management for developers and end-users.

The Sharepoint server gives out the authentic access and control over its upgraded designs to avoid frequent updates.

Delivering a wide range of admission to several features and abilities to perform over a server.

Functions of MS Sharepoint

Sharepoint addresses many capabilities that it functions on

Standards of SharePoint

Sharepoint covers standards for its services which is entirely organization based and can be changed according to the demands of a particular firm. Standards such as sites, communities, content, search, and composites for utilities.

Content Management

Sharepoint aid with the storage, retrieval, search customization, management, maintenance, tracking, archiving, and graph functionality depending on the organizational principles for documentation.

Access and management

Access to a variety of enterprise resources, information, communication amenities, applications, and management with ease and convenience.


Access to data sources using REST/OData for developer platforms and access to user-defined files for several enterprise functions.

Benefits of MS Sharepoint

Sharepoint attributes several merits along with the features.

Storage and security

Storage of user-defined files and their documentation. Protection of private files and secured utilization.

Skill management

Tools for the development and management of skills for better access and knowledge about the platform.

Resource access

Users have easy access to company resources and can be held through for hosting of file processes.

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