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If you’re an MSP, the struggle to find time and resources for discovering, training, and onboarding new talent amidst client demands is a perpetual challenge.  It’s time to take the right action right now.

As your support team requires additional assistance, the search for help leaves them burdened. Stress mounts within your team, customer needs remain unmet, and the risk of critical errors leading to lost clients looms large. Moreover, you risk losing valuable team members in the process.

What’s essential is a sustainable and cost-effective solution that ensures consistent customer support. The constant scramble during high demand situations is not only risky but also diverts your focus from your core strengths.

Process to Stay Ahead in the Market


Comprehensive 60-Day MSP Way Bootcamp

We train our engineers with 60 days training that ensures them to perform well and resolve all the challenges.


Solve your Issues within Days

Fill your talent within days, we don’t allow you to wait for days, months or even years. You give us requirements and we start instantly.


Hire on your terms and Conditions


Our team will work as per your Preference


Support and Training

Netrefine offer constant support and training for your team that ensures you to resolve all issues and not stop the work.

We Fulfill all your Requirements that you Need

Helpdesk Support Specialist (HSS)

  • Maintenance of desktop operating systems
  • Troubleshooting desktop operating systems
  • Resolving desktop connectivity issues
  • Support for application installation
  • Assistance with printer setup
  • Installation and support for client VPNs
  • Microsoft Office Suite assistance
  • Management and resolution of desktop anti-malware issues

Senior Helpdesk Support Specialist (HSS+)

  • Active Directory user management and assistance
  • Managing and troubleshooting Exchange/Office 365 users
  • Resolving Exchange/Office 365 user-related issues
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting Firewalls/Backups
  • Supporting desktop operating systems
  • Addressing desktop connectivity issues
  • Installing and supporting applications
  • Assisting with printer setup
  • Setting up and supporting client VPNs
  • Providing Microsoft Office Suite Support
  • Resolving desktop anti-malware concerns

System Administrators

  • Proficient in server and networking systems
  • Support for Windows Server environments
  • Advanced troubleshooting for desktops
  • Administration of Windows Servers
  • Managing Active Directory
  • Administration of Office 365
  • Overseeing Microsoft Exchange 2010 and newer versions
  • Administration of backup systems
  • Diagnosing LAN/WAN issues
  • Fundamental administration of private and public clouds
  • Addressing server and network alerts
  • Administering and resolving anti-malware issues

Azure Professional

  • Azure basics
  • Monitoring cloud performance
  • Analyzing cloud performance
  • Troubleshooting typical Azure problems
  • Establishing and overseeing Azure virtual machines
  • Managing Azure storage systems
  • Configuring and managing networks in Azure

Azure Proficiency

  • Azure Basics
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Performance Analysis in the Cloud
  • Troubleshooting Common Azure Problems
  • Azure Virtual Machines Setup and Management
  • Azure Storage Setup and Management
  • Network Configuration Management
  • Advanced Networking Skills
  • Enhanced Network Security
  • Identity Management Expertise

Discover your Dedicated MSP Engineer

Identify your Needs

Complete our talent requirements form detailing the engineer skills you seek.


Interview Process

We will  arrange interviews with exceptional candidates.


Onboard Your Team

Get your new engineer onboarded swiftly to begin supporting your MSP immediately!


Why Choose us for your MSPs?

  • Over years of channel experience: Initially as an MSP, specializing later as an MSP for MSPs
  • Extensive talent network in India
  • Robust company
  • Privately owned, offering flexible solutions tailored to your needs
  • Global reach to serve you wherever you are
  • SOC II Compliance showcases our commitment to your and your customers’ security

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